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Trind Keratin Treatment for Nails Kit

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A chemical free solution for heavily damaged, brittle and thin nails

  • Trind's Keratin Nail Treatment kit provides a chemical free solution for thin, brittle and chipped nails. It is a mild solution that treats the most sensitive nails that have been damaged by wearing artificial nails or from the use of medicines or other environmental influences. Trind Keratin Nail Treatment is not as quick of a solution as the Trind Nail Repair. It takes approximately 4 weeks to realize the effect. However, for those of you that are sensitive to traditional nail strengtheners and fortifiers this is the product for you. It will repair your heavily damaged, brittle and thin nails perfectly. The Trind Keratin Formula kit consists of two products:


    Trind Nail Restorer: Trind Nail Restorer is a light semi transparent liquid and has to be applied on the nails daily. Let soak for two minutes and then rub-in the excess of product into the nail and surrounding skin.

    Trind Nail Protector: Restores nails and protects the nail against outside everyday influences from exposure to the environment. It also contains keratin and can be used as is, or as a base coat for colored nail polish.

  • When the natural nail moisture disappears, the nails become dry, which makes them break or split easily. Trind nail balsam contains an effective amount of natural moisturizers d-Panthenol, Phytantriol, and Biotin to provide continuous hydration for the nails.
  • Apply both the Nail Restorer and Protector daily for 4 to 6 weeks directly to the nails. Before re-applying remove the former coat with (Trind) Acetone Free Nail polish Remover. After 4 to 6 weeks you can apply one coat weekly to keep the nails strong.

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