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Misencil Le Serum

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A global innovation for an amazing look. This serum made of a patented complex, the REDENSYL, gives you that deep and captivating look by stimulating the root of your lashes and eyebrows, extending their growth and delaying their fall. Its dual applicator allows a precise application on eyebrows with a foam tip, and a brush tip that wraps each lash. Discover lashes and eyebrows 3x denser in just 15 days!

Redensyl was originally created by a group of scientists for hair loss and is the newest breakthrough against hair loss. It is a synergistic blend of 4 molecules that reactivates the bulge stem cells (ORSc) to favour hair growth. It is the first hair care cosmetic active ingredient based on regenerative medicine researches that gives better results than a surgical procedure for hair transplant in 84 days

This serum targets the hair follicle stem cells to reactivate their division and stimulate their initiation of the anagen phase. It contains two patented molecules from induchem companies: DHQG and EGCG2.

Redensyl® gives almost two times superior scores than the worldwide reference Minoxidil, boosting the hair growth.

The clinical assessment on volunteers suffering from androgenic alopecia gave outstanding results. In less than 3 months, 85% of the volunteers had significant and visible hair growth, with +9% of new growing hair and -17% of falling hair, enabling up to +28,200 new hairs in 84 days.


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