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Luzen Force de Vie Creme Intensive

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A luxuriously thick and intensely moisturizing version of the original Crème Luxe.

  • Crème Intensive heals and prevents dry, damaged skin. Daily use of Crème Intensive imparts remarkable anti-aging results to transform the appearance of skin, instantly and over time. Skin is instantly soothed, hydrated and rejuvenated. Over time, skin looks softer, firmer, more radiant. Lines and wrinkles are less visible. 60ml
    • Brings a healthy, radiant glow to skin
    • Promotes collagen renewal and cell detoxification
    • Diminishes signs of lines and wrinkles
    • Deeply hydrates and evens skin tone
    • Excellent for all skin types, especially normal/dry, dry and very dry skin. Excellent for even the most delicate skin
    • Biodyne TRF + CoQ10 are mega-energy sources that oxygenate to awaken skin cells and boost cell metabolism for a fresh, healthy, glowing complexion
    • Hyaluronic Acid + Swiss Mountain Water create a reservoir of deep hydration that holds moisture to the skin all day
    • Bio-Lipid dispersion rebuilds the protective barrier to ensure long-term hydration
    • Bio-Swiss Organic Edelweiss Extract has ultra-high levels of antioxidants and polyphenols
  • Apply Force De Vie Crème Intensive in the morning after cleansing for dry skin. Apply in the evening after cleansing for dry, normal and combination skin.

Category: Dry, Sensitive

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