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Jane Iredale

D2O Hydration Spray

  • This facial spritz resists evaporation and helps to hydrate and plump the cells. Also containing ingredients that calm the skin and fight free radicals, D2O is a must for post-laser or after any kind of peel! Some makeup artists believe that D2O is the quintessential last step in applying our makeup. It sets the minerals in seconds.
    • Contains seaweed extracts to help reduce sebaceous hypersecretion and regulate the pH of the skin
    • Ylang ylang doesn’t just have a heavenly scent; it also has a balancing action on the secretion of sebum.
    • Gluten free
    • Vegan
  • Lightly spray your face from about 12" away. Pat your face with your fingers to work moisture into the skin and to minimize fine lines and pores. Spritz the face when the skin feels dry or when exposed to drying atmosphere.
    • Use to set minerals and help to conceal pores and fine lines.
    • Use anywhere that the atmosphere is drying.
    • Use spritz as a moisturizer for oily skin.
    • Use to wet brushes to make liners.
    • Spray in your hair to control static!
    • It's not a good idea to spray spring water on the face, because most spring waters contain chalk, which leaves a hard-to-remove white film on the skin.

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