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Swissline Force Vitale Aqua-Vitale Gel Serum

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This oil-free, refreshing serum leaves the skin feeling “clean” and “plumped”.

Penetrates quickly to revitalize and provide skin with visible long-lasting moisture. The skin is oxygenated and regenerated, instantly feeling fresher, more supple and drenched in moisture.

Hyaluronic acid offers a natural, moisture-trapping effect; Beech Tree Shoot Extract contributes to the sensation that skin lacking in oxygen can finally breathe; Red Algae extracts delay water loss while naturally trapping water molecules.

The perfect option for all combination skin conditions or those with normal skin who prefer oil-free texture, as well as those living in warm, humid climate.

    Apply this gel serum, day and/or night, over the face and the neck.

    Oil-free and paraben-free serum 

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