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Swissline CELL SHOCK Total-Resurface Overnight Cream

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  • This groundbreaking cream retexturizes and brightens the skin, reduces pores and provides a remarkable lift by renewing the skin from the “inside-out” and restructuring it from the “outside-in.” The product consists of, among other ingredients, a unique combination of 5 alpha hydroxy acids, one beta hydroxy acid and keratolitic tripeptides. 50ml
    • For those concerned with lines and open pores, rough texture and/or uneven pigmentation.
    • Powerful de-ager that retexturizes the skin.
    • Boosts cellular metabolism to produce visibly more resilient, younger-looking skin
    • Helps collagen to renew itself and combat the decrease in the suppleness and tone of the skin
    • Immediately nourishes and nurtures the skin, providing a renewed suppleness
    • Cell-Longevity Complex contains a botanical protein (from soybean germination) which brings to the cells all the vitality of the seeds from which they are extracted to stimulate cutaneous metabolism. Obtained by gentle hydrolysis of soy germinating beans, these amino-acid fractions - also known as heteropeptidic fractions - are characterized by their ability to boost vital cellular functions due to their “growth-factor like” activity, i.e. re-launching cellular respiration.
    • Resurface-Synchro Complex consists of an intensified host of: 5 alpha-hydroxy acids (glycolic, lactic, malic, mandelic and citric acid), 1 beta-hydroxy acid (salicylic acid) and 1 new-era keratolitic tripeptide that maximizes the natural exfoliation rhythm while simultaneously counteracting hyperkeratinization at its origin.
    • Pore-Zeroing Complex Fomes officinalis found on the bark of larch trees consists of astringent agents extracted from a Russian mushroom. The complex has been clinically proven to reduce pore size between 40% and 60%.
    • Cellactel 2 Complex, a skin-revitalizing ingredient, helps boost essential skin functions.
  • For night time usage only. Apply on its own, or after smoothing on a serum over your face and neck, avoiding the eye area. While using this product, it is advised that you use an SPF product during the day, such as Cell Shock White Lightening Bi-Phase Veil SPF 35.

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