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Swissline CELL SHOCK Perfect Profile Remodeling Cream

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  • This high-performance, silky gel-cream helps stimulate, regenerate and lift the fragile skin on the neck and décolleté. As it is absorbed it provides a distinct cooling sensation leaving the skin look as though it’s been resculpted. Key actives include Ginkgo Biloba extract and Caffeine, which together regenerate the skin and restore the tone; an anti-glycation complex that helps collagen renew itself and improves the elasticity and tone of the skin; and Cellactel 2 Complex, which helps repair, lift and regenerate the skin cells. 50ml
    • Recommended for the neck and chin area. Ideal for skin that lacks tone.
    • Ginkgo biloba extract and [SH1] act to regenerate the skin and restore tone.
    • An anti-glycation complex helps collagen to renew itself. It effectively combats the decrease in the suppleness and tone of the skin.
    • Cellactel 2 complex helps regenerate skin cells.
    • Anti glycation complex (Amadorine): An excess of sugar produces “glycation” which can alter the skin. This ingredient helps collagen to renew itself and acts as a powerful “sugar trap”. It effectively combats the decrease in the suppleness and tone of the skin.
    • Butcher’s Broom Extract: Has vaso-constricting (reducing venous dilation) and softening properties.
    • Ginkgo Biloba Extract: Has anti-irritation and venal-protective benefits. It helps to improve tissue irrigation and to activate the energetic metabolism of cells by increasing the consumption of glucose, oxygen and TPA synthesis. It has also free radical-scavenging properties.
    • Caffeine: Helps to drain the fatty tissue of water and toxins.
    • Fucogel (Biosaccharide Gum-1): Polysaccharide which has a long-term moisturizing effect, and imparts a pleasant softening and cooling sensation.
    • UVA & UVB Sun Filters
    • Cellactel 2 Complex: Skin-revitalizing ingredient combination that helps repair essential skin functions, lift and regenerate the skin.
  • Apply in the evening on thoroughly cleansed skin, and/or in the morning before applying the appropriate Swiss Line products. With a moderate amount of cream on your fingers, gently massage, beginning at the chin and working down the neck.

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