Luxe Lift Eye Cream



A sensuous collagen eye cream that lifts, nurtures and seriously targets dark circles, even chronic ones. Give your skin the precious best!

This inspired formula combines marine collagen, plant-based mimetic growth-factors and proteins from silk to boost the synthesis of collagen and the extracellular matrix, so as to improve density and firmness.

  • Reduces lines and wrinkles while improving density, thanks to the 3% bio-mimetic growth factors
  • Provides immediate comfort and elasticity
  • Fights dark-circles


  • BIO-MIMETIC GROWTH FACTORS - Isolated from seeds, these botanical-only growth factors mimic the expression of the FGF-2 (Fibroblast Growth Factor), whose role it is to intensely activate dermal synthesis and boost collagen production, thereby improving the density and firmness of the skin.
  • CELLACTEL 2 COMPLEX - Cell Shock’s signature ingredient, it is a nutri-revitalizer that helps repair essential functions, increase the cells’ access to vital oxygen, regenerate and lift the skin.
  • MARINE COLLAGEN + FIBROIN - The innovative association of pure form of solubilized collagen and amino acids naturally occurring in silk grants the collagen proteins maximum building power as most of the amino acids found naturally in silk are also the building blocks for the resilient collagen fibers found in human skin. Effectively moisturizes and delivers line-filling benefits.
  • GRAPE FERMENTS - Derived from organically grown aglianico grapes fermentation, these ferments have been proven in vivo to promote detoxification.
  • HALOXYL - Pharma-grade complex made of peptides, flavonoids and an iron-reductase (N-hydroxysuccinimide) that diminishes the natural-occurring leaks in blood vessels, the resulting degradation of hemoglobin, and the formation of subcutaneous blue/violet pigments (= oxidation of hemoglobin).


Apply the eye cream morning and/or night, alone or after 360º Anti-Wrinkle Eye-Zone Serum, if you want to further target the signs of aging around the eyes, including puffiness and chronic dark circles.


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