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Babor PURITY CELLULAR Ultimate Blemish Reducing Duo

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Ultra-effective blemish reducing active concentrate and blemish reducing cover cream in a dual applicatory

  • Two-sided with Stop Blemish Fluid in roll-on applicator and Instant Blemish Cover Cream in brush-applicator with a tinted, antiseptic cream. Blocks developing blemishes effectively and the antibacterial Instant Blemish Cover Cream covers existing skin irritations and redness. 4ml
    • Restores normal sebaceous gland function
    • Reduces sebum production
    • Dissolves excess cornification
    • Fights impurities and blemishes of all kinds and prevents recurrence
    • Visibly reduces blemishes and impurities
    • Results in pure, even skin that is less susceptible to irritation
  • Apply mornings and evenings, after cleansing, to the face, neck and décolleté and massage gently.

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