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Yonka AGE DEFENSE Creme 83

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Reduction in hypersensitivity and tightness, makes the skin more comfortable and radiant.

  • Soothing cream for fragile skin. Designed for delicate skin prone to dryness, this smooth, fast-absorbing cream eases discomfort, softens the epidermis, and provides protection from harsh weather conditions. 50ml
    • For a tailored solution to specific needs, use both the cream and the energizing concentrate suitable to your skin type.
    • Tolerance tested under dermatological control.
    • 93% of natural ingredients
    • Calendula, limeflower: soothing
    • Olive oil, beeswax: nourishing - protecting
    • Vitamins E, C and A: anti-oxidants - regenerating
    • Yon-Ka Quintessence (essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme): vitalizing - balancing
  • In the morning, after cleansing and spraying on LOTION YON-KA D.S. or LOTION YONK-KA N.O.S., apply the cream to the face and neck.

Category: Dry, Sensitive

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