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Policies & Conditions


General Terms

All products sold by Village Wellness Spas Inc. are brand new and are manufactured to meet the highest industry standards. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Products are shipped and become the sole property of the purchaser upon delivery to the specified shipping agent. For shipping damage, customers should file claim to their carrier immediately. Any discrepancy, including wrong items or missing items, should be reported to Village Wellness Spas within 24 hours. Because of the nature of the Internet, online ordering your purchase from Village Wellness Spas acknowledges that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions. All brands and product names mentioned are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

Village Wellness Spas Return Policy

Back-order Policy

If you order an out-of-stock item from us, we will email you when we expect that product to be available. You will be among the first to receive the item. 

Privacy Policy

At Village Wellness Spas, we recognize the importance of protecting your privacy. We do not, under any circumstances, share any customer information with third parties or share any personally identifiable information about you with any other person, group or business. We consider personal information to be your given name, home address and / or phone number, date of birth, credit information, or personal items similar in nature and as such are treated as confidential. If you wish to be part of our mailing list, the information gathered will be used for newsletters and/ or promotions only.

Our privacy policies are under frequent review. All change to the policies will be posted. If however, you have questions or comments, about our privacy policy, at any time then please contact us. 

Conditions of Use

Welcome to The Village Spas Boutique (www.shopvillagespas.com)
Please take the time to read through the following list, these terms of service govern to use of shopvillagespas.com. Read carefully, as by using the website you are agreeing to abide by these conditions.
 Village Wellness Spas holds the right to change or modify the conditions of use without notice, so make sure to check back often.

 Information and Content

 All material present on shopvillagespas.com, including text, video and images are subject to intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademark and other property rights. This material is property of shopvillagespas.com, all rights are reserved. Reproducing, copying or manipulating this information without prior written consent from the owner is prohibited and could result in civil or criminal prosecution.
 Village Wellness Spas will not be held responsible in the event that you encounter material that you consider offensive, indecent or otherwise questionable. Despite our hardest efforts to ensure accuracy on our website, we cannot guarantee that our website is completely free of errors or misleading information. In the event of an error such as this, shopvillagespas.com reserves the right to correct any such error without notification.
 User Submissions
 Any information, data, material, feedback, concepts or ideas submitted to shopvillagespas.com is considered property of shopvillagespas.com. Village Wellness Spas will have no obligations to the user with respect to the submitted information, and may, without compensation to you, disclose, distribute, copy or otherwise use the information for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

 Shopping, Product Use and Payment

Taxes will be calculated based on the laws of the province in which the product is scheduled to be delivered.
By purchasing a product from Village Wellness Spas, the user is agreeing to pay any and all charges associated with the purchased product.
 Product Limitations
Village Wellness Spas reserves the right to eliminate products from the website, cancel orders or prohibit access to certain pages at any time.
 Product Use
Village Wellness Spas is not responsible for damages resulting from misuse of any product. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to read all product instructions carefully, to use the product for its specific purpose and to ensure product is used in a safe and reasonable manner. Village Wellness Spas is also not responsible for damages that may occur due to an allergic reaction or as a result of any other unforeseen occurrence.

 User Responsibilities

The user is responsible for providing accurate and updated information while using Village Wellness Spas. Misrepresentation of identity will be considered a clear violation of the Conditions of Use and may result in prohibition from Village Wellness Spas. 
 Monetary Charges 
The user is responsible for any and all monetary charges resulting from use of the site. Fees include but are not limited to claims, cause of action, legal or accounting fees that result from website use. 
The user agrees to the Conditions of Use by using Village Wellness Spas. If the user cannot or decides they do not agree to the Conditions of Use, website use is prohibited and should be terminated immediately.

 Website Use

 Unlawful Use 
It is illegal to use Village Wellness Spas for any illegal or destructive purposes. This includes using the website to damage, disable or compromise the website in any way.
The site, including all content, functions and information made available on or accessed through the site, is provided on an “As Is” “As Available” basis and is not responsible for any and all losses, whether direct or indirect.
 If you have any questions or comments about these Conditions of Use, please contact Village Wellness Spas:
Humbertown Village Spa
270 The Kingsway,
Etobicoke, ON
M9A 3T7
Phone:(416) 231-9774