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Trind Cuticle Balsam


Prevent dry cuticles and hangnails with hydrating care for cuticles.

  • Effective solution for dry cuticles or hangnails (painful pieces of horned skin around the cuticles). 
  • Trind Cuticle Repair Balsam contains natural moisturizers d-panthenol, allantoin, hyaluron-acid and phytantroil, as well as Trind’s unique formulation: the Trind Duo-Liposome. Liposomes are minute artificial sacs used to carry compounds to specific tissue. Trind Duo-Liposomes are ground-breaking because they stimulate the production of superior skins cells equipped to hold the skin’s natural moisture longer, even when exposed to sun and water.
  • Apply to the cuticles daily for two weeks for soft and beautiful skin around the nails. Leave for approximately two minutes. Massage the excess into the cuticles and nails. This product is guaranteed oil free. Immediately after use you can apply nail repair or polish. After two weeks of daily use, once a week is sufficient for cuticle maintenance.

Vendor: Trind