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4 Reasons We Swear by Babor's FluidsFP Collection

August 22, 2013

 Most of us have our skincare routine down pat: Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, apply a serum, eye cream, moisturizer, and SPF, as well as the occasional mask. So, with a twice daily regimen that's complicated enough, why add a week-long skincare system to the mix? Babor's Fluids FP collection offers incredible benefits that are worth adding to your day-to-day routine once a season or any time your skin is craving a much needed beauty boost. Here are four reasons why we swear by Babor's Fluids FP line.

 High concentration of natural ingredients

Natural ingredients have a more intensive effect if they are highly concentrated. Babor's ampoule-sealed serums provide exclusive skincare in its most concentrated form, producing convincing results that are both instant and long lasting.


Preservative free product


The combination of sterile packaging and individual-sized ampoules provides the purest form of skin care. Since each ampoule is one time use, there is no need for added preservatives to allow for the product to last months after it has been opened.


 Rapid and effective results


Babor's ampoules encompass a range of high-dose active ingredients for every skin type and skin condition. This exceptionally high concentration of active ingredients allows ampoule treatments to cure specific skin care concerns more rapidly and effectively than other home care treatments. Most ampoule sets only last about one week, but the results are highly effective – consider them a prescription treatment for your skin.

 Pre-event Pleaser

Ampoules are instant beautifiers. They are specially formulated so that they can be optimally absorbed by the skin without leaving a trace of residue, so that they can take effect extremely quickly. The rapid effect of ampoules on skin makes them perfect pre-event pleasers; ideal before weddings or any other occasion worthy of an exceptional beauty boost. SHOP FLUIDS FP

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