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Under-eye SOS

August 08, 2013


    Correctors can be your best weapon of defence against dark circles

    Different skin concerns call for different textures and colours. When choosing a concealer, you can either pick a colour close to your natural skin tone or a colour-correcting concealer that balances out discolouration. If your main concern is dark circles your first step is to correct, neutralizing unwanted colours on the face.

  • Use colour theory to conceal like a pro

    Correctors work differently than traditional concealers in that they are coloured specifically for correcting a specific issue. We can use colour theory to our advantage with correctors, since opposite colours on the colour wheel work to cancel each other out.

    To neutralize purple-tinged dark circles, opt for a yellow-hued corrector. Fair skin tones, which are prone to more of a green-based under eye discolouration, can use a mauve-rose corrector. If you have more blue coloured circles – like most women – you would be best with a peach or orange-based corrector.

  • Correct, then conceal

    Before you abandon your under-eye concealer, remember that you will still need it to layer on top of your corrective colour. The corrective colour neutralizes the unwanted colour, but it is not always the shade you want to end up with. So, even though the concealor itself won’t offset heavy shadows or circles you will still need it as a second layer.

    The idea behind this two-step method is that the shade of your corrector is much easier to mask with your concealor than the dark circles themselves. We love Jane Iredale’s circle delete concealor. Circle\Delete #2 combines a light and medium peach-especially good for neutralizing blue circles.

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