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Highlight of June 2015: The Babor High Skin Refiner Lifting Facial

June 22, 2015


    The Ultimate Lifting Facial!

    Babor's High Skin Refiner (HSR) facial is designed to improve the resiliency of the skin and to firm, tone, and lift by using a multitude of innovative complexes.  The skin becomes more plump with elasticity, which will allow the face to regain it's youthful contours.  Anna (one of Sherwood Village Spa's top estheticians), has been performing this facial quite often for this month.  We asked her some questions about the benefits of this special facial! 


    Who would you recommend this for?


    Anna: Any mature skin type; the benefits of this special facial include extreme firming, improvement in the elasticity of the skin, emphasized facial contours, improvement in texture, and it leaves the skin with a beautiful inner glow!


    What are some immediate results that you when performing this treatment?


    Anna: There is a very noticeable difference in the hydration levels, and unmistakable radiance cultivated.  My clients' skin consistently looks fresher and revitalized.  Almost all fine lines are smoothed out and the contours of the face are more pronounced.


    What do you personally love about this treatment?


    Anna: The results are wonderful, but what sets this facial apart from the others I have performed would have to be the scents; it reminds me of the ocean breeze and of home.  Beautiful, fragrant facials create the utmost relaxing experience for clients and I believe it cleanses them spiritually as well.

    Any recommendations for the client to incorporate into their home skincare regimen?

    Anna: A must-have product for all clients, whose main concern is lifting and/or firming, would be the HSR Lifting: Extra Firming Serum.  It uses an innovative lifting complex, which visibly reduces depths of wrinkles and strengthens the capillary walls of the skin, making the skin look more youthful.  In addition to the serum, I highly recommend the collagen boosting fluids; they stimulate collagen production, and plump the skin from within.  They are an instant cure!

    Thank you Anna for your assistance and for continuously being one of the best!

    Book an appointment with her or any of our other experienced staff at Sherwood Village Spa or Humbertown Village Spa.  There are only a couple more days for you to receive this amazing facial at an advantageous, discounted price of $130!  Please call or email us for more information.



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