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Expert Tips for a Youthful Neck and Décolleté

March 15, 2014


First signs of aging will show around the eyes, hands and neck area. Since your neck has fewer oil glands than your face it requires much more hydration. Investing in a rich moisturizer for your neck will help to give it the hydration it needs in order to maintain its youthfulness. This is especially true for many oily or acneic skin types who tend to use lightweight moisturizers, that aren’t nearly as heavy as they need to be for the neck area.


For intensive nourishment


If you’re looking for intensive nourishment for the neck and décolletage, try Babor Skinovage Firming Neck & Decolette Cream. Not only does this daily cream provide your neck with an extra surge of moisture, it also contains ingredients like Vitamin E to protect against free radical damage, as well as collagen which works to intensively plump and firm the neck area.



For heavy duty sculpting


For a heavy duty daily neck cream, try Swissline Cell Shock Perfect Profile Remodelling Cream. This high performance cream contains Amadorine, an anti-glycation ingredient that helps collagen renew itself in order to effectively combat the decrease in suppleness and tone of the skin.

Other anti-aging actives include Gingko Biloba extract which works to regenerate and restore skin tone, and Cellactel 2 complex which is lifts and regenerates skin cells. Together, these anti-aging properties help to sculpt the neck area while providing it with the hydration it needs.


For double duty moisture plus firming


For double duty moisture plus firming, try Yonka Age Correction Advanced Optimizer Gel Lift. Designed specifically for the neck, decolette, and bust, this daily cream uses natural aromatics like hibiscus and sweet almond peptides to shape, lift and firm skin; while a blend of marine collagen, hylaronic acid, and plant glycerine work to hydrate and smooth skin.


For an intensive collagen boost


For a more intensive treatment try a focused mask. Doctor Babor Derma Cellular Ultimate firming Decollete Mask combines hyluronic acid and collagen booster proteins to supply and bind skin moisture while visibly toning and firming the skin, and plumping up fine lines and wrinkles around the neck. This heavy-duty mask provides long-lasting, visible results. Use alone or in conjunction with a daily neck moisturizer.


For protection from further damage that leads to sagging


Preventing skin damage now will be much easier than correcting it later on, which is why it is critical to apply a LIBERAL amount of sunscreen all over the neck area. If you are using mineral makeup as your daily sun protection, always remember to extend it down to your neck area during application. Our pick is Yonka Solar Care SPF 50 which maintains hydration of the skin while providing high level sun protection.


For instant, visable results that last


For instant and effective results to correct sagging skin, neck treatments in conjunction with daily neck care are optimal. One option is a monthly collagen treatment, alone or combined with your monthly facial. Our Collagen Infusion for Face & Neck Treatment deeply hydrates and activates skin natural collagen production to produce improved skin tone and texture. For a more intensive treatment try radio frequency treatments. Our Endy Med Treatment stimulates collagen to smooth wrinkles and tighten skin to visibly shape the neck area.


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